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Hey guys!

Love the podcast! You are all doing a great job, as usual!

This week I have been home baking Christmas Cookies, and while normal 30 something moms choose Hallmark Christmas movies, I have instead been re-watching Watchmen in anticipation of the season finale next week! I am in the middle of episode 3, and I had to pause the episode and wash the flour off of my hands to write this email to you.

When Angela gives the speech at the Chiefs funeral she mentions that they both talked about what they would say at each others funerals after the white night – which made me think that she may have told him about Cal being Dr. Manhattan too. Besides Adrian stuck on Europa – no one else knew about him. It seems like Judd and Angela had a friends turned into family type of relationship, so it would make sense that he would be the only person she trusted with the secret, and after the scare of the white night she may have realized that someone else needed to know in case she died.

Anyway, wanted to share! Bake to baking! Happy Holidays Shat on Crew!!!!

PS – I searched your website for the Merchandise section and could not find it – what am I missing?

PPS – I really hope King Bees awesome jewelry is on there too!

🙂 Andrea

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