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I’m ADD, about to turn 50 and on hormone suppressing drugs to keep breast cancer from coming back so I have a hard time remembering and staying on track. Usually with writing I can stay on track because I can take my time and edit. However, I have high schoolers I’m helping do school at home when I get home from my full time job and I just do not have time so I have to email during my lunch hour. I ran out of time yesterday and hurriedly hit send before I had a chance to fully collect my thoughts and finish my ideas in the coherent way that I wanted to. However, I wanted to address the issue with the two spirited indigenious character and the death and why I do not think that it should be so shocking or that we should look down on the show at all for dealing with the subject matter in that way but instead of NOT talking about it, we should delve into that specifically! Why is everyone in an uproar about that? We have seen the atrocities of racism played out each week in different ways that are difficult to watch. Why is this atrocity so different? Is it because someone who has experienced so much degradation is the one that hands out the unwarranted violence? The show has gone about the business of not pulling punches and why should we expect punches to be pulled in this respect? Also, even from a psychological/emotional standpoint, abused often become abusers, thus the name of the episode, ‘A History of Violence’. Violence begets violence. So it isn’t surprising that Montrose of all people would be the one who would mistreat the already mistreated. And then do it out of the disguise of protecting his son. I mean not many people really do things out of actual cruelty in and of itself. Most do bad things out of what they see as protection of something, even if it is not real. Even if they are protecting themselves or their family and friends from a lie, propagated by a system of segregation and lack of relationship and understanding and truth. The horror is real. That character never had a chance. Yahima was by herself in the middle of a battle between two very capable and violent races and was vastly out numbered. I knew as soon as she could interpret the pages that she wasn’t going to make it. It was inevitable. Anything else wouldn’t have been truthful in my opinion. That is just my two cents. And I am reading so many bad criticisms. This episode was meant to get us somewhere. It wasn’t nice and compact like last week, but DAMN in a series some episodes have to get you somewhere and it doesn’t make it less great tv. I could have written a book but I’m at work. Don’t tell anyone… LOL –In Christ,Bridges’I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see.’ 2 Corinthians 5:7

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