American Gods Is Force Feeding Us Emily Browning

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Hey guys,

Orlando here. I had to write in today. I only have one comment or question however it’s viewed.

Why does it feel like this show is force feeding Emily Browning on us? Emily Browning HAD to play Essie too? Personally I think she’s a horrible actress who never convinces me of the character she plays and it’s almost as if the writers, directors whoever, are like hey we love this Emily Browning so here’s Emily all the time. Meanwhile there are better actors that I would rather see.

Mr. Wednesday, Mr. Ibis, Vulcan, Mr. Nansi, Bilquis, Mad Sweeney (solo) to name a few.

That’s all guys. I’m about done with this show if I’m going to see Emily Browning every damn episode.

Thanks for reading.


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