Episode 8 “Come to Jesus”

American Gods Episode 8

American Gods Episode 8 “Come to Jesus”

You wanted a positive podcast? You got a positive podcast! American Gods’ Season One finale, “Come To Jesus,” gave us more of what we love about the show and answered a slew of questions. In this episode, we cover Bilquis’ history, the strengths and weaknesses of different gods, Mr. Wednesday’s vicious master plan, and … the Iranian Revolution? Yes, you read that right.

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  1. Christina says:

    This was a great finale. Everything about Biliquis had me starry eyed. I certainty believe all the most interesting parts of this show was seen in the finale. Seeing Mr. Nancy FINALLY Outside of a monologue was breathtaking. I’m sorry but in my opinion this is what I want to see. While other characters are fairly interesting; I’d argue the Gods going head to head are the show and seeing their power and manipulation is what I’m here for. I like Laura Moon’s character but its the “Gods” in American Gods that sold me to watch so the overabundance of her arc this season became irritating hence for me the negativity and I found you hosts to be completely justified. The pacing also struggled. These are valid complaints and I’m sorry you should never have to apologize an opinion you back up with reasonable explanation. I find Tech Boy helping Biliquis intriguing because its not a complete merger like Vulcan but almost a slight favor. My best part still remains the moment she turned her full goddess self in Tech Boy’s direction. The way the stomp of the Gods followed her and his complete discomfort; I cant put my finger on it but its something to be said about that considering most people use the internet searching for intimacy of some form yet its clear he does not quite understand it and despite his deflection its a weakness. Can’t wait to see you in season 2!

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