American Gods Episode 4 Review: “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

American Gods Episode 4 Review The Greatest Story Ever Told

American Gods Episode 4 Review: “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

“The Greatest Story Ever Told” —episode 4 of American Gods’ second season— was so different from previous episodes that we thought we’d tuned into the wrong show. The tone was different. The cast was different. And then we realized we might be witnessing the birth of a god for the first time.

Things got downright explosive this week, as Technical Boy triggered some unexpected feels, listeners sent us some unexpected voicemails, and several gods delivered some unexpected hot takes on slavery, Christianity, and the nature of money.

Also, Shadow Moon had sex with a cat.

Storyline for “The Greatest Story Ever Told”:
Episode 4: Shadow and Wednesday leave for St. Louis, to meet with Money, who Wednesday claims is the most powerful god in America. Bilquis, shaken up by Zorya’s death, arrives in Cairo, to speak with Mr. Ibis and Anansi. Anansi is infuriated by Ibis’ and Bilquis’ attempt at neutrality in the war, and says the African gods must stick together and fight, because no one else will fight for them; he apparently convinces Bilquis. Mr. World summons New Media and Technical Boy and tortures the latter for letting Argus die. Technical Boy promises Mr. World a replacement for Argus and goes to meet Mr. Xie, the CEO of a technology company, whose electronic music brought him power in the past. He fails to impress Xie, who instead chooses Mr. World and New Media. Technical Boy attempts to flee, but is captured and “retired” by Mr. World. Money appears before Wednesday and Mr. World and declares that he will not take a side in the war.

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