Episode 3 Head Full of Snow

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10 Responses

  1. American Golem says:

    Is the Jinn wearing the same suit in episode 2 that he stole years ago in episode 3?

    He may not grant wishes, but at least he granted his consort a release via a new life

  2. American Golem says:

    Just remembered why one would stay to the off roads rather than highways as well as no cellphones.
    One can be tracked by cellphones based on GPS location and digitized messaging (voice or data).
    Also, mostly all interstates have cameras, license plate readers, police.

    The various new gods which can get such information to observe ones whereabouts is real and easy

  3. American Golem says:

    Bast… the cat is Bast…

  4. Jackson says:

    The Cat is Bast, a cat Goddess, Isis is a goddess of motherhood. Laura Moon is still dead and she’s pretty much a Zombie.

  5. JoLeree says:

    This episode really filled some holes.

  1. May 22, 2017

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