Episode 2 The Secret of Spoons

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4 Responses

  1. V says:

    No Roger? : ( Was looking forward to dickpic comments of the puerile variety. BTW, I straight up LOL-ed at Shadow’s reaction to them–which I think was the intention.

    Someone on Reddit posited that we are seeing Mr. Ibis’ modern, embellished spin on these mythical “Coming to America” stories and hence they are not meant as faithfully-reconstructed historical snapshots.

  2. Gakaris says:

    I love the portrayal of Mr. Nancy. He was not talking to every viewer in terms of the words and the delivery. Why is that a problem? It was not preachy, the character was not necessarily used to make a statement about social injustice- he is sataing a point of fact. The slave ship is the beginning of the African American experience and the scene mood was concise and correct.
    I loved the suit, the sax, the changes in Jones’ performance from Ebonics, to African language dialects. I loved what he said and how he said it. It was funny and horrifying enough to make me angry.
    It was not a complete portrayal (it was a sanitized slave cargo hold) but it was impactful.

    BTW: The Astro Erect man was “Robbie” who died in a sexual act. It was a sequeway to Bilquis who has worshippers “dying” in a sexual act. And yes Big D, Bilqius is not completely satisfied with this form of worship, it’s hollow and dead. She wants really live and active worshippers not prey.

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