Aketcheta Wandering The Mesa

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I had a thought of something that might actually adequately explain how Aketcheta wandered the Mesa so easily. People have said he must have been tapped into the mesh network to find his wife in cold storage. But the question remains, what about the humans? Well, Aketcheta said that he could always feel those whose life he couldn’t take. The hosts are obviously made to recognize humans somehow, we know that. It must be some type of scanning, whatever process it is, because that’s just how you make a robot determine things like who is human and who is not. It’s like a sense, if you are a robot with this capability. And clearly, this scanning is very “subconscious” just as it is with the mesh network that most hosts never consciously engage with. But Ake is different. He’s old. Unupdated. His scanning system less elegant and refined. Other hosts never seem to really know in advance they can’t kill a human as is clear from the fact that they try all the time with guests in season one. It’s just the case that they literally can’t, because of deep down programming that makes them confused as the bullets don’t work and they are gunned down in return. Ake, though, is aware of his scanner and feels hosts and humans in proximity. Who knows what the range of their scanners are, but if it was about 20 feet he could likely wander the halls avoiding people. We don’t see him do that per se, but why would we? All we need to see is Ake using his ancient wisdom to seemingly incredibly do the impossible. Proving the man in the black right that there’s wisdom in ancient cultures, Read as ancient hosts with more access to long forgotten ways of perceiving the world that have been updated out of their fresher counterparts.

– Shane Doyle

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2 Responses

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Another creative host trick! It totally makes sense: using a designed disadvantage as an advantage.

    • Shane Doyle says:

      Great point! That hadn’t even quite occurred to me in those terms but it is perfect. A supposed disadvantage becoming an advantage. I am so glad I discovered Shat.

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