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Hi Guys,

I just started listening to your GoT podcast and I’m really missing the show. Your discussions about different theories has prompted my own ‘tinfoil’ theory that I just wanted to share. I have done zero research to back this up, so sorry if this has been presented before – I’m at work and likely to put this thought aside. If you think there’s any merit, or that there’s a glaring fact that I’m ignoring, I’d love to hear it!

So I just finished reading Dune. **SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ/SEEN DUNE (although I really hope you have)**

And Bran reminds me a lot of Paul/Muad’Dib – ‘cursed’ with knowledge of past and future. With both characters, they start off as young boys with promising futures; down the road, they begin to develop skills of seeing into different timelines/lives; there is a clear change in personality as they become burdened with constant income of knowledge. The knowledge is also limited in that the whole picture is not provided, just pieces. The process of becoming a Reverend Mother, that Paul also underwent, seems similar to what Bran experienced – the passing of knowledge and experiences from mentor to padawan as the mentor dies.

In Dune, Paul can ‘see’ the different timeline paths that stem from his current moment – every action and word said, whether by Paul or someone else, decides the path taken. He doesn’t know for sure what will happen, but understand all the possibilities. WHAT IF: Bran, in the very distant future and knowing what happens at the end, is trying to channel himself through the night king in current day to change the sequences of events? The night king would then be able to know where to be and be prepared (i.e being at Hardhome, olympic javelin shot at Viserion). Basically, night king = terminator. The tragic end to the show would be that, ultimately, his actions cannot change the future (time travel theory that the equation might change but A must always equal B) – like a cycle, or a wheel that cannot be broken (*elbow prodding*). Or, maybe by bringing winter to the seven kingdoms Bran will prevent some horrific future.

Just another silly theory – the gods are playing a game, like risk or catan, and are represented by some of the main contenders for the throne (Euron = the drowned god, Arya = the many face god, etc.) And winter is essentially the game’s timer.

Sorry this isn’t my best work or thought-out theory, again at work.

Keep up the great work guys!


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