A House Divided

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Hey Guys,

First off, let me start by saying that you guys are great! I have truly enjoyed following your podcast for the last few years, and thank you for allowing me to sound like a true GOT genius when I break down the episodes to my at work! Because of you guys I have converted several family members to GOT fanatics! If only HBO gave a referral bonus, I”d be semi-rich!

With regards to the series finale, my husband and I are definitely a house divided! I”ll admit during and after my first viewing, I was angry and irritated! Like Big D said, us true fans really did experience the 5 stages grief…except for my husband, he”s still stuck on ANGER. Now I also started with ANGER because (while I knew it probably wouldn’t happen) I have been Team Jon Snow from the very first episode, plus I was already fueled up after Episode 5″s complete annihilation of King”s Landing (boy was I completely done with Daenerys Targaryen blah blah blah). Anyways, call it rooting for the underdog, but I always knew Jon was destined for greatness, and wanted to see his pretty butt sitting on the Iron Throne! While, yes, Jon isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, he earned that throne through his unwavering bravery and willingness to always sacrifice himself for the greater good. Blah blah blah… simply put, I didn’t like how they did Jon and how it seemed no one spoke up on his behalf during the whole leadership council meeting.

Now DENIAL and DEPRESSION both came on at the same time. I was already super bummed that my favorite show was ending, but then to come to realization that Jon got played was heartbreaking. By around Tuesday, I was BARGAINING and making up my own interpretation of what happened after the credits rolled (much like Gene). In my head I gave Jon a better ending, and *cough, cough… Bran was not on the throne. No offense to Bran, but he was not even my alternate choice for King/Queen.

By Tuesday evening, I had ACCEPTED the show”s ending. No, it wasn’t necessarily the ending I wanted, but during my rewatch I threw all of my personal wants and ambitions out the window AND really watched. By the end I realized that seemingly, everyone was where they wanted or needed to be. Now, I still don’t understand how Jon was still alive and not killed by the Unsullied, seeing as they were murdering Lannister soldiers in the streets for simple being Lannister affiliated. Or how after giving the worse advice EVER, multiple times, everyone sits and actually listens to Tyrion, and puts Bran on the throne… this was laughable. Regardless, after my journey through the stages of grief, I was thrilled to reach acceptance. Now if only I could get my husband to stop saying the finale was the worse episode ever, and that Bran did nothing to earn that throne. Hopefully, he”ll transitions out of ANGER very soon!

So sorry for the lengthy email, but I just had to reach out for the show”s finale. Thank you guys again for guiding us through our amazing GOT journey. I”ll definitely be checking out your other podcast. Oh, and Gene, my daughter was shocked to discover that you aren’t white and thinks you have Jon Snow hair (we looked you up LOL)… Big D, she loves your voice and thinks you give great breakdowns!

Candace Ladd
Waldorf, Maryland
*Originally from O-H-I-O

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