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Shat on TV- Westworld,

I hope you’re as excited about the soon to start of Westworld season3 as I am, since without your podcast I really think I’m missing out on at least half of what’s going on. I recently discovered something interesting. Although it doesn’t help to answer any past or future questions about the show, if you play season 1 episode 1, the Mariposa Robbery, on mute starting at 48:38 while at the same time playing AC/DC’s Back in Black the scene and song sync up rather well. Not only does this give the show its own little Wizard of Oz/ Dark Side of the Moon moment, it also further cements Hector’s place as the coolest character in the park.


Bruce Wyse

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I totally did this. And it was pretty awesome. Thanks for the tip!

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