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Hey Guys,

First-thank you guys for taking your own personal enthusiasm for Game of Thrones and dedicating yourselves to creating this podcast. It is such a great way for fans to continue feeling connected to the larger GoT community.

My re-write actually has nothing to do with the story line for this last season. If I could re-write anything, it would be the massive amounts of disrespect and lack of gratitude coming from the show’s fan base. Was this last season’s script rushed? Yup. Did it ruin a decade’s worth of the most insanely wonderful TV in the world? Absolutely not.

Thank you both for calling out the sense of entitlement we have heard echo. Finding a perfect ending to this show would have been an impossible feat. For me, I started watching this season with the expectation that I probably would find things that wouldn’t satisfy me, but braced for incredible things nonetheless. It is so disheartening to hear the vitriol coming from people. I feel badly for them because they are missing out on the truly spectacular things this season offered.

So here is my re-write of fan reactions:

* I want to thank everyone involved in making this show, and especially this season, for pouring their everything. I doubt I will ever feel the excellent camaraderie and fellowship I have experience ever again. * There were so many incredibly beautiful things to see this season. I really loved the dragon, especially. In the last episode, there was the one scene where Drogon shakes off a ton of snow and shows himself to John Snow. I literally watched those 30 seconds over and over to appreciate the detail. * Can we talk about the opening credits for a moment? They are always a great conversation piece, and it never gets enough attention. What the GoT team has put together for this season’s opener is something I really love–it is incredibly dynamic and absolutely beautiful. * I want the GoT team to know how emotional I was during the first 15 minutes or so of the Battle for Winterfell. I don’t think I have ever been so scared watching something in my life. I really felt the fear you were trying to communicate. Well done. Thank you. * I found the scene of King’s Landing in episode 5 to be really remarkable. The scorpions pointed at Dynaerys were insane!

I have so many other things I can compliment the show on. I really, really want everyone who dedicated so much time to this show to know there are people out here who could care less about the shortcomings everyone else is complaining about and really appreciate the achievements of the show.

Thanks for reading my email!

Ginny Kafka

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