Lovecraft Country Episode 3 Review: “Holy Ghost”

Lovecraft Country Episode 3 Review: “Holy Ghost”  “Lovecraft Country” promised us a spooky, sexy, seething mix of TV horror and real-world racism. And Episode 3 delivered on that promise in a big way. Learn the history of the Winthrop...


Lovecraft Country Episode 2 Review: “Whitey’s on The Moon”

Lovecraft Country Episode 2 Review: “Whitey’s on The Moon”  Lovecraft Country Episode 2 hit us hard and quick with a slew of new characters, Atticus’ dizzying lineage, hallucinations, rituals, cannibalism, ancient orders, and snake dick. Thankfully, we have answers....

Lovecraft Country Episode 1 Review “Sundown” 1

Lovecraft Country Episode 1 Review: “Sundown”

Lovecraft Country Episode 1 Review: “Sundown”  Our “Sundown” Deep Dive explores the breakneck page and refreshing attitude of Lovecraft Country’s debut episode. We examine the racist legacy of H.P Lovecraft, the legendary voice of James Baldwin, and the principle...


Lovecraft Country – Season 1 Primer

Lovecraft Country – Season 1 Primer Before you watch HBO’s “Lovecraft Country,” get the breakdown on what it’s about, who’s in it, how it was made, and why the big names behind it really make a difference. Millions have listened...


Lovecraft Country – Podcast Introduction

Lovecraft Country – Podcast Introduction Want “Lovecraft Country” broken down in an hour or less? We’re the team to do it. Shat on TV returns after covering three seasons of HBO’s “Westworld” and the racially charged “Watchmen” to explore the...


Westworld Season 3 Review and Mean Listener Mail

We gathered the meanest listener tweets, texts, emails, and reviews from “Westworld” Season 3 for this special edition of Shat on TV. No one is safe as Ashley, Gene, and Big D take fire for everything from their voices to failing geography class. Plus, listeners offer their final thoughts on Westworld as a whole, Dolores’ flaws, the undying simulation theory, and why Season 3 wasn’t as bad as the critics say. Have a listen, then join us Friday night on Twitch for a Shappy Hour hangout.


The Westie Awards: Season 3

More than 3,000 votes were counted, and Big D drank a half bottle of vodka to celebrate Season 3 of the “Shat on TV: Westworld” Westie Awards! This special (and strangely dark) podcast edition is a thank you to everyone who listened and supported Shat on TV this season. It includes winners for Best Future Tech, Best Dressed, Best of The Dolori, Best Use of Music, Most WTF Moment, Best Action Sequence, Wasted Talent, Best Plot Twist, Best Villain, and Most Shocking Reveal. Shat Nation also crowns the Season 3 MVP and debates who had the best motorcycle butt this year.